Malcolm Ché


Malcolm is a Creative Technologist, focussing on using cutting-edge technology to bring about a more mindful society.

Malcolm firmly believes in the body’s deep intelligence to heal itself from the inside out, and his own journey with yoga profoundly transformed his body, mind and life.  By coming to inhabit living in the present moment through consistent yoga practice, he has overcome the effects of having suffered seizures from pituitary gland exhaustion, where he broke, cracked, compressed and fractured 7 vertebrae.

He is a Creative Technologist and uses the art of storytelling from his 25 year live broadcast television experience, to meaningfully impact society by creating Virtual Reality media and technology.  Malcolm is a leader in the use of new technology, in a creative way, to address how we learn from and absorb our experiences, transforming the way we see ourselves and our environments.

Malcolm is also a Bikram Yoga instructor, and meditation and mindfulness facilitator.