Kirsty Cawood


Kirsty has a strong background in Project Management and Event Management and a passion for Holistic Health and Wellness. Combined with her passion for teaching yoga, and her love for beautiful surroundings and her strong need to support, local, ethical and sustainable brands and products, Paisley & Proteas has seen a natural evolution into the brand that it is today.
At Paisley & Proteas Lifestyle and Events we plan, arrange and execute events of the highest quality and caliber. Our events are focused on holistic health and wellness, and this can take the form of a retreat, a morning event, a dinner and talk, a workshop, corporate wellness days or any idea that you may have. We work closely with qualified individuals and brands in their respective wellness fields in order to create events that showcase their strengths, and in so doing support, encourage and educate attendees, all the while maintaining a strong focus on a safe, fun and engaging environment.