Restorative Yoga



Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing and receptive style of yoga.  It is a gentle way to de-stress, re-energise and find balance.

Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, suffering from back pain, or on a journey of deep, personal healing, you will be able to let go of deep holding patterns of tension or behaviour, and find balance in body, soul and mind. Restorative Yoga focuses on undoing the root of most problems with our health: stress. Through guided breathing exercises, supported postures using bolsters, pillows, blankets and blocks, and therapeutic music, Eliza facilitates a healing space for you to unwind, away from the bustle of daily Jo’burg life.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” Hippocrates, Ancient Greek physician




Eliza Roza
Eliza Roza
Owner and Teacher